X reasons for being a liberal today.

1. The world is as it should be and all is going well.

2. Freedom, creative opportunities, and community exist for


3. Each person has a decisive say in the decisions affecting his

or her life.

4. Oppression and exploitation do not exist.

5. The unequal structure of wealth and power in our society

and in our world has nothing to do with the problems of


6. It is easy to figure out how to make the world a better place.

7. The history of struggles by workers and oppressed people is

a waste of time.

8. The popular revolution of 1917 in Russia was a meaningless


9. It’s good just to rely on what others say about someone as

complex as Lenin, Marx, Zizek and others.

10. Realities of the present and possibilities for the future have

nothing to do with what happened in the past.

(Tack till Paul Le Blanc)

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Mitt i prick :-)!

Att dom inte själv inser!?

2010-11-30 @ 18:47:50

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