Fascismens vänliga ansikte I


Could be polite and thank you for your kindess, but that
would not be adequate.
    No, it would not be adequate.
No reasons to give but the humble power of your words. 
    Should not imply an idea that could be reduced to a "cause and effect" notion of what it means  to read what you have written. Evocative: it suggests, a specific kind of disclosure which includes the profound and enigmatic notionpair "being and time".
    Writing - between these lines, presuming,  you can sense an idosyncratic desire to reach and through articulating - in some ways poetic - grasp without intention to Know - the beauty
of that humble power mentioned above, the humble power of your words.
    Thinking of you more often than you can imagine.
    Not in a melancholic way, but rather as a living missing still;
The humble power of the evocative words, the humble power -  not lord over the meaning of past.
    Could it be said, that somewhere along these lines in the work of signification, the friendly face of fascism is to be recognized?

Postat av: Anonym

Vem har skrivit detta?

2006-08-28 @ 11:10:35
Postat av: Den miserabla

Hon känner igen dig. Söker i minnets trassligheter. Ler bortom magklumpen. Vackert..

2006-08-28 @ 13:11:25

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